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Italiano Inglese - Italiano - echo
s. eco; (fig) reminiscenza, imitazione; (fig) chi fa eco, imitatore pedissequo; (Metr) verso ecoico
v. echeggiare, risonare
Spagnolo Inglese - Spagnolo - echo
s. eco, resonancia, retumbo, reverberación
v. hacer eco de, repetir; hacer coro, resonar, reverberar, rimbombar; remedar, imitar
Italiano Tedesco - Italiano - echo
n. ripercussione (f), eco (mf)
Inglese Spagnolo - Inglese - echo
[echar] v. throw, cast, toss; add; affix, tack on; eject; bud, shoot; pump; lay; post; blow; tip; send; pour; put
Francese Inglese - Francese - echo
n. écho, répétition d'un son par un corps qu'il le réfléchit, réverbération; rumeur, nouvelle; sosie, personne qui imite une autre personne en cherchant à lui ressembler; écho (Informatique)
v. répéter (en écho); faire écho, imiter, contrefaire
Tedesco Inglese - Tedesco - echo
n. Echo, Wiederhall; (Computer) User Input auf den Bildschirm erscheinend sodass es für den User ersichtlich ist; (Slang) Person die eine andere reflektiert; Person die eine andere immitiert
v. widerhallen; nachahmen
Portoghese Inglese - Portoghese - echo
s. eco, repetição de um som produzido pela reflexão de ondas sonoras em uma superfície sólida; (Informática) entrada de informações na tela de um computador para que podem ser lidas pelo usuário; (Gíria) pessoa que reflete outra pesoa; pessoa que imita outra pessoa
v. reverberar, ecoar, repetir um som
Russo Inglese - Russo - echo
с. эхо, отголосок, подражатель, подражание
г. отдаваться (о звуке), отдаваться эхом, вторить; подражать, поддакивать
Turco Inglese - Turco - echo
f. yankılanmak, yansıtmak, taklit etmek, hatırlatmak
i. yankı, akis, eko, ahenk, taklit
Inglese Tedesco - Inglese - echo
v. reverberate; repeat a sound; transmit immediately each character received by a computer back to the sourse as to serve as a confirmation of receipt (Computers)
Inglese Olandese - Inglese - echo
n. echo, blip
Albanese Inglese - Albanese - echo
v. jehon, imitoj, përsërit, përsëris, pasqyrohem
Olandese Inglese - Olandese - echo
zn. echo, herhaling van een geluid door reflectie van een geluidsgolf vanuit een vaste onderlaag; (Computers) gebruikersinput op het scherm geprint zodat de gebruiker het kan lezen; (Slang) iemand die een ander in diskrediet brengt; iemand die een ander imiteert
ww. galmen; imiteren, nabootsen
Inglese Inglese - Inglese - echo
n. repetition of a sound produced by the reflection of sound waves from a solid surface; (Computers) user input printed to the screen so the user can read it; (Slang) person who reflects on another person; person who imitates another
v. reverberate; repeat a sound; transmit immediately each character received by a computer back to the sourse as to serve as a confirmation of receipt (Computers)
n. echo, repetition of a sound produced by the reflection of sound waves from a solid surface, repercussion, reverberation, resonation, response
Greco Inglese - Greco - echo
ουσ. αντίλαλος, αντήχηση
ρήμ. ηχώ, αντηχώ
Francese Olandese - Francese - echo
1. (radar) spot (m); top d'écho
2. (geluid) écho (m)
Olandese Tedesco - Olandese - echo
Spagnolo Tedesco - Spagnolo - echo
n. eco (m), resonancia (f), repercusión (f)
Cinese Inglese - Cinese - echo
(名) 回声; 回波; 回音
(动) 摹仿; 反射; 重复; 发回声; 随声附和
Cinese Tradizionale Inglese - Cinese Tradizionale - echo
(名) 回聲; 回波; 回音
(動) 摹仿; 反射; 重復; 發回聲; 隨聲附和
Giapponese Inglese - Giapponese - echo
(動) 反響する; 反響させる; 繰り返す
(名) こだま, 山彦; 反響; 繰り返し(コンピュータ)入力と同時にディスプレーに表示されること; (俗語)他の人のしたことを繰り返す人; 人の真似をする人
Coreano Inglese - Coreano - echo
명. 메아리, 반향
동. 반향하다, 울리다, 메아리 치다; 소리가 되풀이 되다
Cinese Tedesco - Cinese - echo
Francese Tedesco - Francese - echo
n. répercussion (f), réaction (f), réplique (f), écho (m)
Russo Tedesco - Russo - echo
n. эхо (n), отклик (n), отголосок (n)
Turco Tedesco - Turco - echo
i. yankı (n), akis (n)
noun: the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped
noun: a reply that repeats what has just been said
noun: (Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained
verb: call to mind Example:His words echoed John F. Kennedy.
verb: ring or echo with sound
verb: to say again or imitate Example:Followers echoing the cries of their leaders.
name: A female given name (rare: 1 in 50000 females; popularity rank in the U.S.: #2995)

Sinonimi di echo
1. mimic: imitate, impersonate, respond, repeat
2. same sound: answer, repetition, imitation, reply
3. reverberate: resonate, ring, resound
Present participle: echoing
Present: echo (3.person: echoes)
Past: echoed
Future: will echo
Present conditional: would echo
Present Perfect: have echoed (3.person: has echoed)
Past Perfect: had echoed
Future Perfect: will have echoed
Past conditional: would have echoed

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