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Italiano Inglese - Italiano - gum
s. gomma, colla; gomma americana; (Bot) tupelo nero; sapodilla; (austral) eucalipto; (Med) cispa
v. gommare, spalmare di colla; incollare, ingommare
Spagnolo Inglese - Spagnolo - gum
s. goma, cemento, goma arábiga, pegamento; encía; chicle, goma de mascar; caramelo de goma
v. engomar, encolar, pegar con goma
Francese Inglese - Francese - gum
n. élastique; gomme; gomme à mâcher; chewing gum; matière gluante utilisée comme colle; colle, résine; gencive
v. coller
Tedesco Inglese - Tedesco - gum
n. Gummi; Kaugummi; Gummibaum; Klebstoff; Gaumen (Dentalkunde)
v. gummieren, kleben, verkleben, ankleben
Portoghese Inglese - Portoghese - gum
s. goma; chiclete, goma de mascar; cola; gengiva
v. colar; engomar
Russo Inglese - Russo - gum
с. резина, каучук; жевательная резинка; угольная мелочь, камень; десна, камедь, смола,
г. склеивать, склеиваться, выделять камедь, выделять смолу
Turco Inglese - Turco - gum
f. yapıştırmak, zamklamak
i. dişeti, sakız, çapak, zamk, yapıştırıcı, reçine, lastik, kauçuk
Inglese Olandese - Inglese - gum
n. eraser, thing which erases or rubs out
Albanese Inglese - Albanese - gum
n. rrëshirë, kauçuk, çamçakëz, llastik, gomë, dru kauçuku, zamkë, rezinë, lëng pemësh
v. ngjis, ngjit
Olandese Inglese - Olandese - gum
zn. gum; kauwgom; lijm; tandvlees
ww. gommen, plakken
Inglese Inglese - Inglese - gum
n. resin; rubber; chewing gum; sticky substance used as a glue; fleshy tissue which covers the bones of the jaw and the lower portions of the teeth
v. cause to stick together using an adhesive; stop up, block up; chew using the gums
n. eraser, thing which erases or rubs out
Greco Inglese - Greco - gum
ουσ. κόμμι, γόμα, ούλο
ρήμ. κολλώ
Cinese Inglese - Cinese - gum
(名) 树胶, 树脂; 橡皮糖, 口香糖; 胶, 粘合剂; 橡胶树#齿龈, 牙床
(动) 用胶涂; 欺骗; 粘合; 分泌树胶; 发粘; 用牙床咀嚼
Cinese Tradizionale Inglese - Cinese Tradizionale - gum
(名) 樹膠, 樹脂; 橡皮糖, 口香糖; 膠, 粘合劑; 橡膠樹#齒齦, 牙床
(動) 用膠塗; 欺騙; 粘合; 分泌樹膠; 發粘; 用牙床咀嚼
Giapponese Inglese - Giapponese - gum
(名) 樹脂; ガム; ゴム; ゴムのり; 歯茎
(動) ゴムのりを塗る; ゴムのりではりつける; ゴム質を分泌する; ゴム状になる
Coreano Inglese - Coreano - gum
명. 수지; 고무; 껌; 풀로 이용되는 끈적끈적한 물질; 잇몸
동. ...에 고무질을 바르다, ...에 고무를 바르다, ...에 고무질을 먹이다, ...에 고무를 먹이다, 고무질을 분비하다, 고무질을 형성하다
noun: any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
noun: the tissue (covered by mucous membrane) of the jaws that surrounds the bases of the teeth
noun: a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing
noun: any of various trees of the genera Eucalyptus or Liquidambar or Nyssa that are sources of gum
noun: wood or lumber from any of various gum trees especially the sweet gum
noun: cement consisting of a sticky substance that is used as an adhesive
verb: exude or form gum Example:These trees gum in the Spring.
verb: grind with the gums; chew without teeth and with great difficulty
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #11380)

Sinonimi di gum
1. resin: pitch, tree sap, glue
2. chewing gum:
Present participle: gumming
Present: gum (3.person: gums)
Past: gummed
Future: will gum
Present conditional: would gum
Present Perfect: have gummed (3.person: has gummed)
Past Perfect: had gummed
Future Perfect: will have gummed
Past conditional: would have gummed

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