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Italiano Inglese - Italiano - need
s. bisogno; ristrettezze, povertà
v. avere bisogno di, bisognare, occorrere, necessitare di; esserci bisogno, essere necessario
Spagnolo Inglese - Spagnolo - need
s. necesidad, demanda, falta, menester, requerimiento, urgencia; pobreza, escasez
v. necesitar, hacer falta, precisar, precisar de, requerir, tener necesidad de
Francese Inglese - Francese - need
n. besoin, nécessité; difficulté, détresse; adversité
v. réclamer, exiger, demander; avoir besoin de; être dans la gêne; être obligé de
Tedesco Inglese - Tedesco - need
n. Bedarf; Notwendigkeit
v. brauchen, benötigen
Portoghese Inglese - Portoghese - need
s. necessidade; precisão, carência; pobreza
v. precisar, necessitar; carecer de
Russo Inglese - Russo - need
с. надобность, нужда, потребность, необходимость; бедность, недостаток, нехватка; беда, несчастье
г. нуждаться; иметь надобность, иметь потребность; требоваться; бедствовать; быть должным, быть обязанным
Turco Inglese - Turco - need
f. ihtiyacı olmak, muhtaç olmak, gerekmek
i. ihtiyaç, gereksinim, gerek, lüzum, yoksulluk, muhtaçlık
Albanese Inglese - Albanese - need
n. nevojë, kërkesë, skamje, varfëri
v. nevojë: kam nevojë për, duhet, lyp, nevojitet
Olandese Inglese - Olandese - need
zn. behoefte, nood, noodzaak; nood (in de problemen)
ww. hoeven, behoeven, nodig hebben; in nood zitten
Inglese Inglese - Inglese - need
n. necessity, requirement; shortage of an indispensable item; distress, hardship
v. require; be in distress, be under hardship; be obligated
Greco Inglese - Greco - need
ουσ. ανάγκη, χρεία
ρήμ. έχω ανάγκη, χρειάζομαι
Cinese Inglese - Cinese - need
(名) 需要, 缺乏, 必须
(动) 需要, 必需; 贫困, 有必要
Cinese Tradizionale Inglese - Cinese Tradizionale - need
(名) 需要, 缺乏, 必須
(動) 需要, 必需; 貧困, 有必要
Giapponese Inglese - Giapponese - need
(動) 必要とする
(名) 必要; 欲求; 必需品; 要求するもの
Coreano Inglese - Coreano - need
명. 필요; 결핍, 부족; 궁핍, 곤궁
동. 필요하다; 필요로 하다, 궁핍하다; ...할 필요가 있다, 해야 한다
noun: anything that is necessary but lacking Example:He had sufficient means to meet his simple needs.
noun: a condition requiring relief Example:She satisfied his need for affection.
noun: a state of extreme poverty or destitution Example:A general state of need exists among the homeless.
noun: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior
verb: have or feel a need for Example:Always needing friends and money.
verb: have need of
verb: require as useful, just, or proper

Sinonimi di need
1. insufficiency: demand, occasion, lack, shortage, use, necessity, inadequacy
2. necessity: emergency, obligation, exigency, compulsion, requirement, urgency, want
3. poverty: deprivation, destitution, distress, indigence, necessity, neediness, penury
4. lack: crave, require, want
Present participle: needing
Present: need (3.person: needs)
Past: needed
Future: will need
Present conditional: would need
Present Perfect: have needed (3.person: has needed)
Past Perfect: had needed
Future Perfect: will have needed
Past conditional: would have needed

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